Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The IPhone

Is there anyone without an iPhone nowadays? iPhones have become quite popular, but learning how to use them can be difficult. If you have yet quite mastered your iPhone, keep reading. There are many tips here to help you become an expert quickly.

When surfing the web on the iPhone, you do not need to add “.com” to web addresses. Safari will direct you to the website you want with only the main address words. It might not seem like that much of a time-saver, but there is no reason to type it if you don’t have too.

Your iPhone can help you get from one place to another. If you try the map feature with the GPS when searching for directions, you can locate the best route to your destination and even find gas or shops along the way. You can bookmark the phone’s map function to access it easily any time.

Do you get too many notifications? There is an easy way to stop them. Open Settings and select the ‘Notifications’ bar. Check “In Notification Center” to identify apps that are not currently of use. Your battery life will improve.

To save time, do not always click the “X” button when the AutoCorrect function erroneously changes your word. The screen can be tapped at any location as an alternative. The suggestion box will close.

Obtain an app that can change your iPhone into a storage device for music, pictures and videos. With the app, text, music, and even photos can be uploaded. The iPhone will only need to be plugged into the computer to gain access to the files, or you can directly open them through the phone.

Are you interested in accenting letters in your text conversations on the iPhone, but not sure how to accomplish this? Here is how to do it. Holding down the letter you wish to use for a quick second is all that you need to do. Expect a box to open, containing added options. You can type fancy letters to your heart’s content!

There are a lot of multimedia capabilities that you can use when you are playing with your iPhone. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies or funny clips when you are on the go. You will never be bored again!

Most iPhone users are savvy with the camera app on their phones. You may find it difficult to sort through the photos you’ve taken after you take a lot of pictures, however. Keep your pictures organized with the iPhone album. This will really speed you up when you need to locate a particular picture.

It is possible to take a screenshot when using your iPhone. When you’re on the screen you want to save, hold down the home button and then tap on the sleep button. Seeing the whole screen go white tells you that the screenshot is taken and stored away.

You can take a photo on your iPhone without worrying about shaking your phone. Do this by using your headphones’ volume controls. Steady your hand and prepare yourself to take a picture. When it is time to snap a photo, just press down on the buttons on the cord.

The Calender feature on the iPhone is one of the best organizational tools available. You can add events directly to the calendar without needing to use the “+” setting. In the “Day” view simply tap the hour to create a new appointment or event. This is fast scheduling and it saves you a lot of time!

Do you need to snap a picture with only one hand? Just get the picture you want and then tap the upward volume button, or +. This gives you the same high-quality pictures that you come to expect from the iPhone.

Has the screen on your iPhone ever frozen? First, press wake/sleep. If that doesn’t fix the issue, hit the home button and the sleep and wake button. This will prompt you through a hard reset of your phone involving the power tab, but it will bring it back up after a few moments.

You can immediately get to your iPod buttons and your favorite items. Simply customize your phone’s settings. Then you can customize by clicking twice, then select the options you prefer to customize. This process is fairly easy if you follow all the steps.

It’s possible to send photos via your iPhone to all of your family members and friends. Two primary methods exist in which you can accomplish this. The iPhone makes it easy to upload your images to either your email or to your Facebook account.

Using your iPhone, you can scroll your contact list in three ways. You can select a single letter to go to the names beginning with that letter, use your finger tip to go through the list or press slightly on the list. Pressing the list is the speediest way to scroll down the list.

You can check out your email from multiple accounts on your iPhone. If you keep all of your accounts under the same alias, it can get confusing. Make sure every account has its own unique ID so that you can access each one with ease.

You can be a more efficient iPhone user when you know all of the best time-saving tricks, like how to delete unwanted emails from your inbox with one simple gesture. If you swipe your finger across the message it will automatically pull up a box that will allow you to delete it immediately.

Be gentle with your iPhone charging/syncing cable, as it can be easily damaged when handled roughly. Always be as careful as you can when you unplug the cords from the phone or the computer. This cord can last up to a year, and then you will have to replace it for optimal functionality.

After reading the information in this article, you now know more about the iPhone than ever before. You can use any of the ones in the article above to get you on your way. Apply these tips to discover all that the iPhone can do and become a master of the most amazing smartphone available today.